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My name is Agnieszka, Founder of LeaderKind.

I work with smart business leaders like you who want to build a thriving business, where everybody is truly committed to creating outstanding results and actively participates in developing a phenomenal working culture.

Are you an effective leader?

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You’ll learn:

  • The impact of your leadership style on people around you
  • How mature your leadership style really is
  • How you derail or hold yourself back as a leader
  • A unique pathway for positive change based on your results
  • How your scores compare to 60k+ leaders who completed this assessment

The Leadership Circle is a powerful and thought provoking assessment.


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Step Three: Debrief

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Transforming Leadership & Team Performance in the Complex World

Are you a modern leader who wants to build a thriving culture to take your organisation into the 21st century? Yet you find yourself struggling to figure out the way forward beyond your current way of operating?

Most leaders I speak to absolutely love what they do. They’ve been promoted to their current roles because of their superior expertise and drive to create results. And then many get stuck doing what they’ve always been doing.

Most never had any leadership training and even if they did, the complex reality of our times demands a whole new approach to building a business we are proud to be a part of. 

Maybe that’s you? Maybe you already know that the old paradigm of leadership as Command & Control is no longer working in this fast changing environment but you haven’t found a better way that feels comfortable and effective for you and your teams?






















The LeaderKind Way

What We Do, Who We Serve

You’re a Senior Leader or are aspiring to be one soon. You’re smart, you love the work but the heavy lifting no longer gives you the results you’re after. You’re leading a commercial business and/or a team. It took you blood, sweat and tears to get here and now this is your daily bread:


  • You really, really want to be successful… you’re sometimes accused of being a control freak…the truth is you find it hard let go…
  • Relationships are increasingly difficult… you don’t know whom to trust; the internal politics make you down right cynical…
  • You float between caring too little or too much about what other people think of you… you don’t know which is worse…
  • You’re told you need to communicate better…share your vision… have that tough conversation…
  • Your teams don’t collaborate, people ‘can’t get their shit’ together… and boy can they moan…whatever happened to accountability…
  • The pressure is relentless; you have 59 priorities to get to…
  • When a moment of self-reflection catches up with you, you wonder – Am I cut out for this?

Take the FREE Leadership Circle Self-Assessment to learn more about your leadership effectiveness

“Leaders are surrounded by walls, mirrors and liars”
– Dr Tasha Eurich (Harvard Business Review).

At LeaderKind we offer short interventions and large-scale programmes that transform Leadership & Team performance and help organisations navigate the complexities of the modern world, relationships and business. See Programmes tab for more details.

We have chosen to work with the Leadership Circle because of its outstanding research and methodology and the impact it has on the business performance. Organisations that invested in working with us are reaping the rewards long after the programmes have ended. 

The Outcomes of Our Work Together


In our work together, you will be ‘care-fronted’ with honest and compassionate feedback about some nuanced ways you may be sabotaging yourself as a leader.


You will learn how your internal beliefs shape your leadership effectiveness (Inner & Outer Game of Leadership) and how to evolve them so you can scale your impact and business accordingly.


You will walk away with a renewed sense of purpose and vision for your business and an ability to create much needed alignment in the organisation.


You will learn how to delegate effectively and how to have the tough conversations skilfully without causing resentment and shutting people down.


Some people would rather be right than be a team. You will learn how to let best ideas (not people) win, boosting your people’s capacity to innovate.


You will be reminded how to trust, when to let go allowing other people to ‘get on with it’ while you get your life back.


You will learn how to get the best out of people because true leaders create leaders, not followers. It’s what scaling a thriving business is really about in the age of complexity.


If you decide to take the Leadership Circle 360 Assessment, you will receive feedback from your peers and colleagues and gain profound awareness of the perception of your current impact as a leader on your team and your organisations.


You will clearly see you development gaps on your path towards outstanding leadership and identify the best way forward towards positive, effective change.

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