“Effective leaders outperform ineffective leaders every time” (Bill Adams, CEO of the Leadership Circle Group), and leadership effectiveness is responsible for as much as 40% of overall business performance.

The Universal Model of Leadership developed by Bob Anderson of the Leadership Circle is the backbone of the assessment tools, coaching practices and methodology that we us at LeaderKind to develop truly outstanding leaders.


Why the Leadership Circle?

If we want to develop more mature leaders, we need a comprehensive approach to leadership development. The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) has taken a fragmented collection of theories and practices in the field of psychology and leadership development learned over the last half century, and woven them all into the first unified theory of leadership development to arise in the field.

It’s been recognised by global organisations such as Roche, Pixar Animation Studios, American Express and Accenture, The Leadership Circle is truly the Gold Standard in Leadership Development.



You have a choice of 4 assessments:

  • Free Leadership Circle Self-Assessment available via the Leadership Circle website (click the icon above) – a powerful first dive for those who are curious about the model. There is more to it than meets the eye though, well worth a one-off debrief of the results. Let us know if we can help.
  • Leadership Circle 360 Feedback & Assessment for Executive Leaders used for 1:1 coaching programmes (suitable for corporate programmes)
  • Leadership Circle 360 Feedback & Assessment (Manager Edition) for Managers & Team Leaders used for 1:1 coaching programmes (suitable for corporate programmes)
  • Culture Survey Feedback & Assessment used to measure collective effectiveness of teams.

The Leadership Circle gives powerful and provocative insights into the perception of the leader’s impact in the given context in which she/he operates at a given time.


“Despite tremendous amount of research, Leadership still feels more like art than science and a having a map proves helpful.” (Bob Anderson) The Leadership Circle Profile, with its profound and elegant architecture, is the most faithful companion on the journey to Leadership Mastery. For better or worse, it lingers in our mind’s eye guiding our thoughts, inviting adjustments and pointing us to our growth edges again and again. It’s the only model I know that actually answers the questions: So What? and Now What? 


Leadership Circle is a strengths based, 3-dimensional approach that tells us about:

  1. What is happening – strengths, development gaps and derailers
  2. Why it is happening – what prevents us from stepping fully into powerful & inspiring leadership
  3. Pathways for positive change – what we can do about it, it’s a map and a compass in one.

Both the horizontal arc of the Creative Competences and the vertical path through the Adult Stages of Development: Egocentric, Reactive, Creative and beyond, offer a truly multidimensional lens to our growth. As a developmental tool, it may and should be repeated to assess the leader’s evolution and progress.


“Sitting in front of my Leadership Circle Profile and having a debrief of my results felt like I was being shown around a room in my house I never knew existed. By no means was I a newbie to Leadership but the impact of the profile took my breath away. For the first time in my life I really understood the difference between being a Boss and being a Leader.”  – to date this is the most powerful endorsement of the LCP by a client a mine during their debrief.


Finally… this…

Me with Bob Anderson during his Scaling Leadership tour around Europe in the summer of 2018. Such a humble and noble man.

The more excited I get, the goofier the face becomes, I can’t help it. I am deeply grateful to be a part of this amazing Community of Visionaries and Change Makers.


Please check the Leadership Circle *website* for a full and comprehensive overview of the model.


If you want to learn more about the vertical leadership development, keep an eye out for my next Blog “I have been lost and now I am found – Adult Development and why they should teach this at school”…

If you would like to explore your Leadership map, take the Free Self-Assessment and contact us for a debrief.